Abundance Really is All Around You

What comes to mind when you imagine abundance?  Do you think of it purely in terms of having lots of financial wealth or do you experience it as a feeling, a peaceful fullness that you are provided for, a safety and ease welling up from your core that radiates from all aspects of your life?

For me, it could show up as financial resources but also as the deep love I have for my family, the incredible happiness I’m blessed to know and the fulfillment life offers me.

It is the peace of knowing in my core that there is plenty, there is enough and I will be provided for.

Find abundance in nature.

Each time I step away from my life to connect with nature I witness astounding abundance.  I’m blessed to live just a short walk away from a river.  I often walk there, stop to breath in the fresh air and let the sound of the rushing water sooth my soul.  The river, with its strength and continuing volume and flow, represent powerful abundance to me.

One way to easily connect with and increase your abundance is through nature.  Go for a walk and notice the sounds the birds make.  Feel the sun, wind or rain.  Be present to the experience around you.  Notice the new growth on the ends of the tree branches or the yellow flowers that grew seemingly overnight.  By focusing on the abundance already around you, you will actually create more of it in your life.

It’s easy to get caught up in creating more lack and struggle, because you’re focusing on the wrong things.  This is great news, because it means you can create more of whatever you choose to focus on.

Gratitude as the path to abundance.

Gratitude is a loving and open energy.  When you focus on it, it expands, allowing more abundance to flow toward and through you.  So what are you grateful for?  When you stop and really look around, it is amazing how many things there are to be grateful for.  And in a myriad of unexpected situations too.

Even in deeply sad or difficult situations there is gratitude to be found.  Before my father passed away, I was able to see him one last time.  He couldn’t communicate with me, but I held his hand and he turned his head toward me.  I knew he felt my presence.  I’m so thankful that I had that moment.

Now, I could choose to focus on something negative, but I choose to focus on this powerful and uplifting moment.  I choose to see gratitude and abundance all around me.

So take the time to simply notice.  When you make a point to see it, gratitude and abundance can be found almost anywhere.

Here’s a powerful exercise to connect you with more abundance.

Each morning before starting your day, take a few minutes to write down three things you are grateful for or examples of abundance you’ve seen in your life.  Try to consistently list 3 new things each day.  An example might be the amount of love you have for your partner or children or the feeling that you get from volunteering for your favorite non-profit.

When you are feeling disconnected from your stream of abundance, you can reread this list to warm your heart and soul.   By focusing on the abundance that is already real to you, you will create more of it, and bring it into view.

What is it you want to create in your life?  What would light your soul on fire?  I’ve created the Wild Happy Soul Goal Planning Workbook to help you unearth your deepest passions and take meaningful action toward creating a soul rich life.  Download your free workbook here.



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