Why You Must Follow Your Fear

Follow Your FearFear isn’t something to run away from or to avoid.

It has an important role to play, to keep us safe and alive.  Not an entirely bad thing, but sometimes it holds us back.  That’s because it doesn’t distinguish well between real physical harm and let’s say for example, taking on a new career challenge.

In addition, fear doesn’t like risk.  It’s to be avoided at all cost.  And, it will always choose what is known over what is unknown.  That’s why you might be incredibly unhappy at your current job, but willing to stick it out over the fear involved in switching jobs.

That said, difficult or not, you must follow your fear.


Fear will lead you to your wild

Your wild is a place just beyond your comfort zone, that holds all those things that really light you up inside, set your soul on fire or make your heart dance, that simply thrill you through and through.  

If you step along the edge of your comfort zone, where new thoughts and ideas flourish and thrive, you’re likely to notice fear is standing there with you.

Your palms begin to sweat with the excitement of new possibility.

Then thoughts like am I enough?, could I really do this? and am I worth it? may start to swim around in your mind.  This is fear attempting to stop you from pursuing your dreams, in the name of safety.

You want to experience the wild; the authentic, thrilling, embodied aliveness

But fear is hard and scary and as it surrounds you, your excitement mellows.  Practicality and realism set in.  You step back inside your safety zone, where things are not as exciting or fulfilling, but they are not risky or scary either.  Maybe you shouldn’t follow your heart after all.

This is the cycle of possibility, fear and doubt.

It stops us in our tracks.

It can leave you feeling uninspired, empty and even depressed.

To experience our dreams, we must be willing to take fear along for the ride

When you feel afraid, nervous, or excited, it is a sign that you’re headed in the right direction.  That something big is available to you.  You can choose to sit with fear, knowing it will be with you, without letting it stop you.  In fact, this is the only way forward.

When we resist, numb or reject fear, we reject our wild as well.  We reject our dreams.  There is a level of satisfaction, joy, and soul expression that cannot be realized without making this journey.

If you commit to living with fear, even when you’re afraid or experience self-doubt, it will gradually weaken its grip or even move on.  Then it will be time to explore a new wild, with a new challenge and a new fear waiting for you.

This is the path of an authentic, thrilling, soul expressed life.  The path to realizing the beauty of your dreams.

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