Want More Time? How About 3 Extra Hours Every Single Day?

More TimeWouldn’t it feel glorious to have 3 more hours in each day?  Heck, I’d settle for even 1 more hour honestly.  If only we could manifest more time.  So what’s the next best thing?  Feeling like you have 3 extra hours every single day.  And that is totally doable.

It wasn’t that long ago, that I never could find the time to write.  I really wanted to start a blog, but just couldn’t find the time to do it.

Do What You Don’t Have Time For

First rule of thumb, make a point to do the 3 things each day that mean the most to you.  You know, those things that you put on the back burner and never seem to have time for.   Even if you only set aside 20 minutes a day to spend on those meaningful activities, over time you’ll see progress, and you’ll feel more satisfied at the end of the day knowing you did something that really matters to you.

Ok, I know it’s a strange metaphor, but my dad always used to say, you eat the elephant one spoonful at a time.  So those big, amazing dreams and goals you have waiting for another day?  Take a spoonful today and every day and see how far it takes you.  There’s no reason to live with regret.

Apply this principle to all the areas of your life based on your personal values

For me, this includes 30 minutes of me time in the morning, time to read before bed a few times a week, and time to watch Once Upon a Time with my daughters on Netflix a couple of nights per week.  It’s what we do and it’s important to me.  Family is one of my top values.

Stop Squeezing It All In

Second, stop trying to do everything.  Hey, I get it.  Life is always pulling you in every possible direction.  I have a husband that does Ironman triathlons and we have four kids involved in all sorts of activities.  Then there’s school stuff, work stuff, and of course friends and family.  Seriously, I get it.

However, the trick here is to stop scheduling your life so full that you feel rushed and stressed on a regular basis.  In fact, aim for not at all.  I’m not even kidding.  Think how spacious and expansive your day would feel with more white space, ease of transition from one thing to the next, and not spending your last few drops of energy at an event you don’t even care about.

There’s no reason to live your life always feeling like there isn’t enough time.

Admit it, you’re a people pleaser like me.  And that adds up to all sorts of time commitments you don’t need.  It isn’t healthy for you or your relationships.  I challenge you to say no more often and to get creative about how you get all the rest of it done.  Maybe you can set up a carpool with another mom so you only have to take your child to little league once a week.  Or maybe your husband can swing by the store on the way home from work.  And don’t forget about Amazon.

Here’s another option.  Have you ever noticed how your to-do list expands to fit the amount of time you have available?  Experiment with scheduling time slots for specific activities.  I know if I give myself 2 hours to write an article, I’ll take 2 hours, but if I only schedule 1 hour, I still get the article done, but I have an entire hour left in my day.  Genius!

Create the Spacious Feeling of More Time

Third, include flow inducing activities in your day.  You know that feeling when you lose track of time?  When you are completely and joyously caught up in the activity?  That’s the flow I’m referring to here.  It literally feels like time expands.  Bonus, you feel like you cheated the system, getting to spend that extra time doing something you love.  What’s better than that?

If you aren’t sure how to add flow to your day, consider creating a meditation habit.  It doesn’t necessarily evoke flow immediately, but over time you will cultivate a rich and rewarding practice that not only provides flow, but also has many other health benefits.

Looking for another option?  Try drawing or painting if you enjoy creative pursuits.  You may also find solace in writing, reading a great book, or taking a walk in nature.  The key is to get lost in your zone, so you can emerge rejuvenated and at peace on the other side.

If you apply these tips, you will find that you no longer end your day feeling like another day passed and you still didn’t make any progress towards your goals or spend any time doing what means the most to you.  You won’t spend your entire day feeling like there isn’t enough time to fit everything in.  Actually, you might even feel like the day got just a little bit longer and more enjoyable.  After all, it’s really about getting the most out of the time we have isn’t it?

Could you use a simple process to guide you through finding clarity around your dreams and goals and pulling them in an effective way into your daily schedule?  If so, check out the Wild Happy Soul Goal Planning Workbook I created just for this purpose.  It’s totally free.  With it, you’ll receive a short and sweet mini-course to help you get the most out of this empowering experience.

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