Ready to Finally Reach Your Goals? Here’s How…

How to Reach Your GoalsI am a huge fan of setting goals and using them as a tool to create the life we want for ourselves.  This is me after I completed my first triathlon.  But statistically speaking, most goals we set are never realized.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t accomplish your well intentioned New Year’s resolutions?  Or why you set goals, totally excited to work toward the new you, but then don’t make it very far?

After all, the things you want to create for yourself are exciting and juicy.

You want to reach your goals.

But not bad enough.

Yep, you heard me.

And, you need to be willing to do the hard work consistently, that is necessary to change things.

Often, real change occurs when we hit a bottom that we are no longer willing to tolerate.  We are so uncomfortable that we’re willing to step up and do the work. 

For most of us through, there’s been no come to Jesus moment.

No, rock bottom.

Luckily, there is another way to successfully reach your goals and dreams without first having to find yourself laying on the floor in despair.

Set yourself up for success

What are you willing to let go of to make the time and energy necessary to pursue your goal?  How will you incorporate your goal action steps into your schedule?

When I decided to start running again, I had to rearrange my schedule to make the time each day as well as arrange care for my daughters.  Having these pieces in place ahead of time made it much easier to get out there and run consistently.  I had no           excuse as to why I couldn’t go running.  The time and support I needed were built into my schedule.

This is so important.  That’s why I created the Wild Happy Soul Goal Planning Workbook for you.  It will help you to plug your goals into your life, in a useful and meaningful way.

Keep your enthusiasm fresh

Often times, our enthusiasm begins to fade as we move forward into the hard work of making our goal a reality.  Don’t let your enthusiasm wane.  Here’s how you can you maintain your enthusiasm going forward:

  • Reward yourself. It can be as simple as adding new songs to your playlist for motivation while you’re exercising or taking a relaxing bath with candles at the end of a long day.
  • Use inspiring images or quotes. Hang visual inspiration by your bathroom mirror, on the fridge, by your computer at work and as a phone screen saver.
  • Add a mantra. Repeat a simple phrase to yourself anytime things feel hard, to help you stay focused and aligned with your goal.

Be ready to do the hard work

While achieving the goal may sound inspiring and monumental, the steps you will need to take to reach it….well, not so much.  It will take dedication, perseverance and possibly blood, sweat and tears to reach your goal.  And that’s okay.

Be ready to do what it takes.

Fear or worry might become an issue.  Check out Why You Must Follow Your Fear for a bit of inspiration and motivation to keep going.  Your fear isn’t going anywhere, but you can take a different perspective to better handle having it along for the ride.

If you find yourself having to make a difficult decision, I’ve written more about that here: How to Confidently Make Difficult Decisions.

It all comes down to being truly committed to making your goal a reality.  Try to plan for what you can, and trust yourself to work out the rest as it happens.

Just think how amazing it will feel when you have made your dream a reality.

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